About Us

Meet Ed and Jess - husband and wife team and co founders of Freja. Their broths were born out of their passion for the nourishing benefits of quality bone broth that’s ready to go when you need it.

They launched Freja during lockdown whilst trying to juggle busy jobs, home-schooling four kids and managing everyday family life. Feeding their hungry crew was a big challenge, especially when supermarket shelves ran low. They wanted nourishing fast food... and bone broth was the answer! Home-made broth was something they both grew up with and wanted to continue to give to their own family for its amazing health giving benefits. Except, they didn’t have the time (or inclination), to simmer pans of bones for hours on end. Nor did they have the storage space in the fridge or freezer. So they spent months sourcing and perfecting the ultimate store-cupboard-friendly bone broth. They had an ambitious list of non-negotiables: long shelf life, 100% natural, great-tasting, nutrition-packed and responsibly sourced.

Their search took them to the Nordics, where they found the perfect production partners and Freja was born! They launched in October 2020 and haven’t looked back. Freja has won numerous taste awards, had incredible customer feedback and both Jess and Ed have witnessed the many benefits of quality bone broth first hand.

From everyone at Freja - we hope you love it as much we do!