Give the gift of bone broth

Stuck for gift ideas? From health enthusiasts to foodies to your mum and dad, bone broth is the perfect gift for just about everyone.

  • Award-winning flavour
  • Packed with nutrients
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Proudly made in Norway
  • Cupboard-friendly
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There’s a broth for everyone

The friend you can never buy for

Solve the problem with a gift card so they can choose for themselves.

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The foodie friend

Build a bundle of our chicken, beef, fish and veg bone broths so they can let loose in the kitchen and experiment with our award-winning flavours.

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The gym goer

Get a couple packs of bone broth powder. Naturally packed with protein and collagen, they’re the perfect nutrition supplement for everyday meals and drinks.

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Mum and dad

Gift our best-selling chicken and beef bone broths, to help your folks fight inflammation and achy joints as they get older.


The health enthusiast

Send a bumper package of nutrition-fuelled bone broth. From gut health to better skin, bone broth is what they’ll want.

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The flexitarian friend

Build a bundle of award-winning chicken, beef, fish and veg bone broths. Mix and match the flavours you think they’ll love.

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The friend who’s under the weather

What better way to help a friend in need than getting them ready-to-eat warming broths, packed with immune-boosting nutrients, that they can stock in their cupboards.

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We’re Freja

We’re here to put bone broth back on your kitchen table. Packed with essential nutrients that nourish, strengthen and restore our bodies, we believe bone broth is the foundation of a healthier, more energised and fulfilled life. Bone broth is, after all, the basis of how we've eaten all over the world for centuries. A forgotten foundational food! Let’s make it a household staple again.