Sip it, soup it, cook it

Drink a warm mug of broth before bed or slurp it in a noodle soup, there are many ways to make bone broth a part of your everyday routine. Here we show you how to flavour it, boost it, turn it into soup, and more.

What does bone broth taste like?

Bone broth tastes like a good chicken soup, with a deep, savoury flavour that’s both warming and nourishing. The exact flavour depends a bit on what bones go into making it. Our chicken bone broth tastes like the lovely juices from your Sunday roast chicken. It has a lighter, subtler flavour than our beef bone broth, which is more velvety and robust in flavour. All our bone broths are strained into a clear liquid, so they’re easy to use in lots of different dishes, and they’re delicious to sip just as they are, too.

How to drink bone broth

Lots of our customers love to sip a mug of broth just as it is, either cold or warmed gently, first. We add a few vegetables to our bone broths for lovely flavour, but you may want to dial up the taste even more.

Boost your broth: how to add flavour

Bone broth pairs brilliantly with spices, fresh herbs, citrus and other aromatics, like onion, lemongrass, chilli and garlic. For a richer, more velvety bone broth, add fats, like coconut oil or ghee. Try adding garlic, ginger and lemon or ginger and turmeric for an extra immunity boost.

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Soups, risottos & more

There are so many ways to turn our broths into a nutritious, delicious meal. Just add noodles, veg or leftovers from your Sunday roast for a quick, healthy soup. Try it in stews and sauces, make risotto, or cook grains, like quinoa or rice in it. Our clear bone broths are made in four different ways: chicken, beef, fish and veg, so it’s easy to get variety and nourishing flavour in your every day.


Our bone broths have a 24-month shelf life, so store them in the cupboard. Once opened, our broths last in the fridge for up to 4 days.


You can freeze our bone broth in the cartons for up to 6 months. Store leftover broth in an airtight container or in ice cube trays to add quick flavour to your cooking.


Between 1 and 2 servings of bone broth a day is generally recommended as part of a nutritious, balanced diet.