What's Bone Broth?

Is it a health drink? A cooking ingredient? A soup? The answer is all of the above. The truth is, bone broth has been around for centuries: a nourishing, tasty and easy-to-digest liquid, made by slowly simmering animal bones and water.  Find out more about bone broth and why it’s good for you.

Back-to-basics nutrition

Our ancestors figured out that simmering animal bones for hours and hours would help them extract essential nutrients and flavour from precious animal foods to create a nourishing and delicious broth. 

Bone broth is the original soup; a tradition that’s been replicated by cultures around the world, forming the basis of how humans eat and how we evolved over generations. The key to any good bone broth is the quality of its ingredients: just well-sourced animal bones, a few vegetables for flavour and filtered water. Read how we source our bone broth.

Is bone broth good for you?

The short answer is, yes. Simmering collagen-rich bones and joint materials for a long time extracts easy-to-digest nutrients, like collagen, protein, amino acids and hydrating electrolytes, like potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. These nutrients have been proven to help nourish, heal and restore our bodies. 

Our customers buy our bone broth for these essential nutrients, and for a whole variety of reasons, from supporting gut health and immunity, to boosting skin and hair, to supporting different diets, from intermittent fasting to paleo. Turns out that old adage about chicken soup was true all along. Read more on the benefits of bone broth.

Bone broth vs stock: what’s the difference?

The key difference is in how long it’s simmered. While bone broth is simmered for as long as 24 hours to extract as many nutrients as possible, stock is made purely for flavour, simmered for just enough time to make a delicious-tasting liquid used in cooking. Making meals with bone broth (or sipping it straight-up) is not only delicious, it’s more nourishing, too.

Bone broth and collagen: what’s the deal?

Bone broth is the most natural source of collagen, extracted by simmering collagen-rich bones and joints into a liquid that’s easy to consume and digest. Collagen is a type of protein that our body naturally produces and which we produce less of as we get older. It’s the glue, if you like, that holds our body together, strengthening and supporting our joints, helping our skin to retain its youthful elasticity, and helping build our gut lining, among many other benefits. 

While there are many collagen supplements now available, which are made from animal hides that are chemically processed into powders or pills, bone broth is a totally natural source of collagen, made from the same whole foods our ancestors were eating centuries ago.