100% natural ingredients, nothing else

Our bone broth powders are made in small batches with just meaty bones and filtered water. The result? A nutrient-dense broth, packed with collagen and protein, which we dehydrate into a concentrated powder that’s easy to use. It’s the perfect natural nutrition supplement for anyone who wants all the nutrients of bone broth in a more convenient way.

Natural collagen & protein powder

Many collagen supplements are made from animal hides, which are chemically treated and processed with solvents and acids to remove the collagen. This process breaks the collagen down into tiny pieces to make powders and pills.

Bone broth powder is totally natural – just meaty bones, slowly simmered, then dehydrated into a powder. It’s naturally packed with collagen and protein and gives you the nutritional benefits of a natural, whole food without any chemicals, solvents or ultra-processing. It’s really just bone broth, made from the same whole foods our ancestors were eating centuries ago.

Nutrients our bodies recognise

Collagen supplements are known as collagen peptides (or hydrolysed collagen). These peptides go through an intense chemical process to break down collagen particles into small pieces, to ease digestion. The problem is, our bodies are designed to digest and use collagen in its most natural form.

Bone broth provides a complete collagen that our bodies recognise. The collagen from bone broth stimulates our gut lining to produce the right enzymes to digest the collagen. This means our bodies can absorb much more of it.

Bone broth powder – just like bone broth – is packed with a more complete package of nutrients. Not just collagen, but also protein and a whole spectrum of amino acids, hydrating electrolytes and minerals, like calcium and magnesium. These nutrients support our gut health in a way that highly processed supplements can’t do.

No chemicals or solvents

Our bone broths are made with just meaty bones and filtered water. No chemicals or solvents. Our beef bone broth powder contains trace amounts (0.5%) of organic, cold-pressed sunflower lecithin to make it fully dissolvable in liquids. Our sunflower lecithin is non-GMO and non-allergenic.

Just as good as organic

Our cows are grass-fed and our chickens are free-range. You can be sure our bone broths are free from pesticides, hormones, GMOs and unnecessary antibiotics.